Adult Diaper - Medium

We bring comfort and care to a range of adult clients through our Dolphin Adult Diapers. With years of experience backing us, we bring the best to our clients with each one of our products. Our Adult Medium Diaper is specifically designed to provide protection and comfort to the user.

Grown ups and adults may require to use diapers for various reasons. One of the main reasons one is prescribed to use them is when their mobility is impaired or bedridden due to severe illness or incontinence. In any case such a person feels comfortable wearing adult diapers. Dolphin Adult Disposables are manufactured after a lot of research and study to ensure our products serve the users the best. Our first priority is to maintain hygiene to the highest level and thus we follow the international standards. Our materials are carefully sourced and manufacturing process is meticulous.

The Adult Medium Diapers that we offer are highly absorbent, waterproof and fits the user perfectly. The size chart that Dolphin Adult Diapers follow is according to international guidelines and thus users are assured of perfect fit and comfort.

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